Friday, February 20, 2015


Fresh Skin is my BFF...
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Hey guys,
So I hope you had a pleasant Valentine's weekend. As for me! Things went pretty well! I decided to do things a little differently and keep it low-key around the Fam, of course, and friends with lots of chocolate, popcorn, wine, and so much laughter. Loads of fun!!!
Anyway, today's post is review of Skincare products for sensitive skin. If you're like my sisters and I, being selective with skincare regimen products is a priority. Because the wrong move can send you to a totally "unhappy" dimension. Our rule of thumbs is to find and remain loyal your products and please, please, keep the list short! With sensitive skin, less is certainly more.
Our picks
St Ives Moisturizing Olive Cleanser
 A non-irritating deep cleaning cleanser that gently removes dirt and make-up. Can be purchased here
This is, in our opinion, an all-in-one moisturizer. Perfect all year around! Plus, it is loaded with sunscreen, vitamins and antioxidants , which are sure to nourish your skin.  Can be purchased at your local pharmacy or here
Make-up what? As stated, these towelettes remove all make-up and dirt. The softness of the towelettes especially comes in handy on those after party late nights! Can be purchased at your local pharmacy or here
Just grab a Q-tip for more precision and instantly remove mascara and liner in the tear ducts and corner of eye areas without irritating your eyes! Can be purchased here
This tonner is every thing! Not only does it remove, in Elizabeth Arden's words "lingering traces of  makeup and cleanser", it also leaves the skin cool and fresh! Can be purchased here
Last but not least,
Be sure to dream in color when you apply this lotion as it is lightweight and will not only keep your skin hydrated but also soft and supple. Can be purchased here

Well, that's it lovelies! Much love
                       ~XO Patience


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