Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stronger Than Weakness

The walls are closing in
And the storm is lingering
I feel the weight of my burden increase as the will to carry on weakens

Is this it? Is this the end of it all?
The way ahead is tumultuous and long
And every move made appears to be wrong
I try to keep a positive attitude as vigor slips away
Who am I? What is happening to me?
I’m not as strong as I thought I’d be
And not yet where I wanted to be
Uncertainty, anguish, and a myriad of questions, walk my way.
“Be tenacious and strong, hopeful and positive!” I hear my bruised heart say.
As I agonize over where to allocate what I believe to be the remnants of my strength, my heart echoes, “Be stronger than weakness”
Photo credit: Quotesnsmiles.com 

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