Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ambition: Finding the balance between that and reality

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So, it was again, one of those moments. You know! When I have a real conversation with my girlfriends. Oh I’m so eager to share! Ok! I must admit that we should have those conversations more often because between the tears and the laughter, I get so much more clarity in the end. The subject du jour was Ambition. I had begun the talk by explaining how I had been grappling for some time with dare I say, the negativity associated with such a simple word and how I had come to conclusion that the word was associated with greed, envy, and selfishness.

We then, as usual proceeded to define what Ambition meant to each of us and reached the consensus that it meant “to envision a particular life or a course of events where we had attained success, whatever that may be, in every aspect of our lives”. We also agreed that what inspires us daily to be ambitious is the careful observation of those greater than us in a few areas of life.  We observe the people before and during our lifetime. We study their techniques, learn from their errors, and visualize a similar, if not, greater success.

With the hope of understating the negativity lurking around the word Ambition, the girls and I asked ourselves: “does being ambitious equate to having a distorted view of reality or does it equate to being envious? Are thoughts about defying the odds, breaking the record, attaining the deemed unattainable, or wanting to be blessed beyond measure etc.. Are all those thoughts just for the selfish and self-centered generation?  Or has accepting mediocrity become part of life? The girls and I agreed that we often hear motivational speakers encourage us to “Dream Big” and “Think outside the Box” as these fuel our determination. Well said!
Granted! Determination is important. With it, we have the ability to get through life’s toughest assignments.  It increases focus and allows us to stand after we've fallen.  However, getting back up, I believe is the very essence of ambition. Without the desire to achieve something of a much greater caliber, it becomes next to impossible to “Get Back Up”.

Ambition is paramount to human growth and emotional development, unless wanting those has also become a selfish thing to do. I don’t believe anyone should be discouraged, oppressed, or belittled for being ambitious. If you ask me, I don’t particularly appreciate it.  Indisputably, reality has its ups and downs. However, every person has the power the change some aspects of reality (at least the ones we have control over). So, be Ambitious!

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