Thursday, October 17, 2013

Self-worth: A letter to you

Dear lovelies,

I hope this letter finds you well. I recently had a conversation with a few friends over lunch about the topic of self-worth or self-esteem as it is commonly known. The reason behind it is that it had been on my mind a lot for about a week before we actually had the conversation. Honesty ladies, it’s still on my mind because I believe that as women and young girls, we (I know I do) are constantly faced with redefining ourselves with who we are as individuals, with the people we love and care about, those whom we work with on a day to day basis and others in our social circle. Through this evolutionary process, negative experiences and environmental toxicity can greatly increase the likelihood of one’s self-worth to plummet, hence causing one to struggle with low self-esteem. But, what really is self-esteem? Can we quantify it or should be quantifying it? If so, how? What makes for a high or low self-esteem? How to attain high self-esteem? What to base it on? How does one know at what level their self-esteem is and how to change it if desired? These are just a few questions we discussed.
So I asked my friends to define self worth for me and asked whether they considered themselves as having a positive (high) or negative (low) self-esteem. From the bulk of the conversation, I got away that self-worth (as we agreed to define it), is the perception or the idea about oneself. As the conversation progressed, however, we began to disagree on the answers to questions posed above, so I couldn’t help but do an internet search in order to get some answers.  I have to say, there is a plethora info out there!!. But just to get you started, click on the links below and you should be able to get a general idea. Here’s my take on the issue.  I believe that self-esteem is an important determinant of a person’s behaviors and proclivities.  This is just jargon to say that there are many things that influence the way we behave, self-esteem being one of them. That is, the higher a person’s self-esteem, the more positive the behavior and the lower the self-esteem, the more negative the behavior. And of course, we either way have to deal with the consequences. 
Long story short, I for one, think that it’s ok to acknowledge when we’re down or have little or no self-esteem in any area of our lives because doing so helps with healing and improving the mind, soul, and body. So ladies, remember this letter when you have one of those days and know that it’s ok. You’re not any alien! Everyone goes through this!!!  Even the seemingly most confident person in the world!  Your circumstances and experiences (past and present) should not dictate how you value yourself. The trick is to improve you and move forward. Enough said!! I’ve rambled again! I wanna know what you lovelies think. Please share! You just don’t know who you might inspire! Till we talk again!!




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