Friday, April 4, 2014

[D] for Dare

Life happens! I had a conversation with my mom the other day about how to recover from days when there’s been one too many setbacks, heartbreaks, rejections and that sort of thing!  One thing she told me was “If you care, you’ll dare… again”.  I was not entirely sure of the meaning behind the phrase then, but it makes sense to me now. When life happens, one must…
Dare to believe again
Dare to dream again
Dare to love again
Dare to hope again
Dare to laugh again
Dare to try again...


  1. That picture is amazing! I want to stroll down that path.

  2. I'm glad you like it Joy! I thought the path was really peaceful and lavender is one of my favorite color, so picked it :)

  3. What a beautiful picture... so therapeutic!
    Thanks for sharing!