Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You’re All That!

You ask me why I look up to you and bother taking your advice into consideration. You ask me why I seek wisdom and comfort in the words you say and why I admire you. Well, here’s why:

You guffaw at the face of adversity convinced you have the upper-hand.

You sashay with the confidence of one that has destiny into her hands.

In my eyes, you are all that!

You are never shattered by rumors, critiques, and negative remarks about you.

You are certainly not intimidated by the so-called competition around you.

In my eyes, you are all that!

Your eyes are sharp and your voice is majestic.

Your posture is regal and your aura is fantastic.

I love every minute spent in your company as I stand before this mirror and realize you are my reflection.

A perfect imperfection bringing a shift in paradigm to my vision.

You truly are all that!


Photo credit: HDWallpaper.com
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