Monday, April 7, 2014

F for Fad diets

Losing weight is perhaps the most common resolution made by many Americans at the beginning of every year. While reasons behind loosing excess weight might be valid (i.e: for health reasons), temporary dietary practices (aka: Fad Diets) employed in the hope of achieving weight loss are exactly what they are: Temporary and unhealthy.  

Fad diets don’t work: Why?

·       They are based on severe nutrient restriction, therefore, disturbing the balance of nutrient intake

·       They register in your brain as something you want to do temporarily, making it difficult for your body to adjust

·       The “weight loss” results from loss of water and lean body mass, which starve and weaken the body

·       They rarely focus on  fitness and exercise. instead, they emphasize effortlessness and the quickness of results 

What to do instead?

·       Consult a professional (i.e: nutritionist, dietician physician)

·       Ask: Can I do this for the rest of my life? It is imperative that the answer be Yes before you begin a dietary regimen.

·       Choose regiments that are packed with a variety of nutrients

·       Exercise

·       Be patient. The healthiest way of achieving weight loss is meant to be slow and steady.

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  1. Yeah, I admit I've fallen prey to the quick promises of the fad diet. I've done phase 1 of the South Beach Diet several times, but once I loose a few pounds, I never shift to the more healthy eating of the other phases, I just go back to my regular unhealthy eating. Although I have been trying to exercise and eat more veggies this past year. :-)

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,

    1. Hey Jocelyn! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience. I wish you all the success on the healthy journey! The challenge is quit fun. Hope you're having fun too!