Saturday, April 26, 2014

What if?

Happy Saturday! I’m so stoked because it’s the weekend and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the sun. Today’s post is about “What if”, one question asked very often because, well, we’re human and it’s only natural to want to defy uncertainty, which may quite often be frustrating. Enough said! Below are a few words to help you get over the madness attached to “What if?” Sit back and enjoy the read.

What if I stopped to smell the roses every once in a while? It wouldn't be time wasted.
What if I came to peace with the past? Doesn’t imply that I’m content with all that happened.

What if I climbed to the summit of this mountain before me? I hear everything looks better from a bird’s-eye view.

And what if I broke out of the routine to try something new? I resolve to not be careless.
What if the impossible was to happen? I refuse to be faithless

What if I laughed more often? Totally harmless!

What if I dreamed larger than life knowing that dreams do come true? Every milestone could be a clue!
Hey what if?...---- What if I just believed? Life will certainly be all but blue.

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